Creating your own personal Legacy Book

I invite you to join a shared, collective enquiry exploring what is essential in life.

We will discover:

  • What has life taught me?
  • What does my life stand for?
  • What is my Legacy?

Our journey begins by asking “What does it mean to live well?

We will progress through stages of enquiry with a new focus each week.

Each week requires of you some time for personal enquiry, and invites you to write one short chapter, capturing the essence of your response. Rather than thinking of this project as ‘time out’, I encourage you to live these questions all week. As your enquiry percolates into your normal routines, life will give you reflections to clarify your responses. Put no pressure on yourself to do well or be correct in your answers, instead enjoy the adventure of exploring yourself through this lens.

In each meeting we will share and witness one another and also have group reflection time.

In our first session we’ll go over how it all works and explain the whole process.

Here I am with my munchkins when they were younger

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson Orientation and welcome session. What is it to live well?