What are my thoughts and feelings about death?

Ah ha! This is the biggie, and the question we might avoid till we are confronted with mortality. Yet it is also an essential question to contemplate. In fact our relationship with death can be an aphrodisiac for living!

And perhaps it is not so scary once we face this inescapable part of life:

consider that we happily slip into oblivion each night, when there is no conscious awareness nor memory of most of the night. We never know for sure that we will wake up again. And yet the experience of having slept is lovely. So death may be similarly pleasant, letting go of the day and entering an unknown state without our mind in charge.

consider that you didn’t’ exist for millions of years before you were born, which you never minded, and that you will not exist for millions of years after you die. How could you mind that either?

You may not agree with what I write, which is great. Put down in words and pictures your own beliefs and hunches and feelings about your own death and dying. Tell personal stories to explain what informs your words; where did your ideas come from? Do you know them to be true, or are they comforts you tell yourself? Are they original beliefs or ones you took from others?

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