Orientation and welcome session. What is it to live well?

Welcome to the first week of our shared enquiry into “What does my life stand for?“, the first step in Creating your own personal Legacy Book.

Throughout this workshop we’ll be exploring specific questions, and your responses will form the basis of your very own Legacy Book.

The first Question to contemplate is “What does it mean to live well?

Of course your answer is unique so whatever you come up with is valid.

Related to this question is “What is success?

To get started, open the forum where we can share our thoughts and feelings as a group, and where you have your own private workspace which is for you to write your answers to each question week by week. You may want to update your profile for others to see something about you, and begin to introduce yourself and interact with the group. In your own workspace, you can begin to enter your responses now, or take time to feel ready to put words down, or write in a journal then come back to the screen to copy what you want to say there.

I am showing a lovely image of a real crop circles for us to gaze at, as I find that they help my mind empty and be receptive to inspiration!

With any creative writing exercise, it’s best not to over think at this stage, so just write down whatever surfaces in you while you consider the first question “What does it mean to live well?“, and also include “What is success?” when you are ready.

In our forum you can find support from Andy and your classmates.

After each week, please select “Complete Lesson” at the top of this page as we move into the next stage.