What changes in the world during my lifetime have affected me the most?

We tend to assume that what we are used to is normal, but in time it will be historical and change its context. So the things we do and say now are specific to our moment of life. I ask you to record what has changed in your lifetime, because in 100 years, or even just 5, our normal may seem old fashioned. I hold the perspective of the possibility of your ancestors reading your words when you are long dead, and learning about what mattered in your lifetime, what you witnessed, how you became who you are. Some things are universal, and change is the most fundamental constant in life.

Please write about what in your lifespan you have seen change so far.

As examples, my clients have spoken of: the advent of antibiotics in nursing (before then if someone fevered all they could do was watch and hope they survived); flushing toilets; the internet with which to talk to their grandchildren; the loss of respect for elders and the busy-ness of their young; and the advent of Feminism…