What do I believe in, spiritually or religiously?

We do need to include this subject of God. It’s funny to me that the biggest questions – sex, death, god – get skirted around or made taboo when they are so fascinating! Whatever your opinions or experiences pertaining to religion, or spirituality, they are universally interesting and relevant. So please expose all of your inner world in this chapter.

Spirituality can include whatever you want. None of it needs justifying, but do say where your beliefs came from, what they are and whether they are firm or flexible.

Part of this process of committing our words to a book is bringing into focus what is essential so we investigate if our words are our own truth or if we inherited or learned them and didn’t yet question ourselves deeply enough to decide if they still resonate with how and who we are today. In my case, this takes some ruthless honesty if to say that something I have held dear for years is now out of date.

These standing stones in Scotland are part of a 5000 year old sacred site