What Are My Core Values?

Legacy Book Workshop

‘What are my core values?’
‘What is my legacy to my family?’
…These are two questions you might explore in our Create Your Own Legacy Book Workshop!

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Get to the essence of who you are whilst writing your story and join us for a wonderful 8 week journey of enquiry and creativity. 

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This is a 8-week workshop for men and women of all ages held online. Anyone with internet access can attend. This course aims to demystify the planning and writing process of creating your story and is accessible to anyone with basic computer skill.

Included in the Workshop

When you enrol in a legacy book workshop, you get access to:

8 x online classes LIVE on Zoom with Andy Kidd, the creator of Life Lessence Legacy Books

A one-on-one support phone call with Andy

Access to the Legacy Book Workshop Forum to connect with members of your group and discuss the weekly processes.

Three hours commitment per week is recommended to complete the lesson and homework.

Why we created the workshop

Finding the answers to the big questions isn’t always easy. Especially by yourself.

But not everyone can access the one-on-one support they might need to write their story.

That’s why we developed the Legacy Book Workshop. You’ll learn to tackle questions like ‘What are my core values?’ from the safety of a supportive group. You can also exchange ideas and share elements of your story through the Legacy Book Workshop Facebook group, only available to those who have enrolled in the course.

How it works

Kicking off with an introductory lesson, we introduce ourselves and meet the others in the workshop. The following seven weeks after will focus on the chapters of your book. Each 90-minute lesson as well as weekly homework will focus on a different question designed to uncover an aspect of what your life stands for.

The concluding lesson will allow you to review what you’ve learned and produced.

Modelled on a unique framework, the immersive weekly processes guide you through the stages of your legacy book journey. By the end, you’ll be able to clarify what’s most important.

– you’ll get right to the heart of your purpose and who you are.

Andy Kidd


Andy holds a Master of Arts in Social Anthropology from Edinburgh University. 

His work with Life Lessence developed through a desire to close the disconnection between people and their elders in modern-day society. He saw that the wisdom of the elders, who’d experienced full, unique lives, was being wasted. 

Course Fee

AUD $800.

$500 before 1/4/22.
USE COUPON: Earlybird


Next Workshop Date

Registration closes 1st May 2022.

The workshop beings 8th May 2022.

Events such as retirement or health scares, even just considering a career change can inspire us to think about what we will leave behind.

Learning to write a legacy book can be a way to bring together your life’s learnings into a document that sums up the core of who you are.

If you’ve been asking yourself “what is my legacy to my family?” and “where am I now and what happens next?” Enrolling in a legacy book course can introduce you to others who are seeking answers to the same questions.

It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people and it’s also a lot of fun!

Course Fee

AUD $800.

$500 before 1/4/22.
USE COUPON: Earlybird

Next Workshop Date

Registration closes 1st May 2022.

The workshop begins on 8th May 2022.

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