We create beautiful, hardcover Legacy Books that capture the very essence of who you are.

We are passionate about recording the wisdom of your life lessons in a format that’s easy to understand and is enjoyable for all ages to read.

Andy managed to sum up my father’s life and essence in a beautiful book. I’ve given it to all his closest friends as he enters his later years. It truly is a precious treasure for our family and is a most welcome legacy for Brian.

The entire process of working with Andy to complete the book was a delight.

Jackie G

Commissioned Legacy Book

Thank you so much, dear Andy.  This work you are offering is truly a gift to our world.  I would encourage anyone to embark on this Life Lessence journey with you. 

Ankya Klay

Completed Legacy Book Workshop

“Our children love the book of his Life lessons. It is only now that they appreciate the words that he has written. It is truly a beautiful memory of our dearest husband and father.

When Phil is no longer with us they would like to use his lessons on life as part of their remembrance to him. 

Anna Duggan

Wife of Legacy Book subject

It was quite a profound experience. It made me know myself better. The book is wonderful, Many thanks. 

Andy’s approach to a life history is not about events. It is about what a person thinks about the events in their life. Your style of questioning brought out things about myself I didn’t really know.

I suspect that my descendants will be interested in what I thought about my life. It will be in these pages!

Michael Blockey

Commissioned Legacy Book

Some Excerpts from Legacy Books:

Life Lessons: Leaving Your Family a Legacy

We have all lived meaningful lives which have provided unique wisdom worth sharing.

It’s natural, as we reach our later years, to start thinking about leaving that wisdom behind as a legacy for our loved ones.

We might ask ourselves “What do I stand for?” and “Which life lessons do I want to pass on?”

Mostly though, we’ll wonder how to do this. It can feel overwhelming to want to get to the heart of your own, unique wisdom because you have so many memories.

The question “What do I stand for?” isn’t so hard to answer…

A Life Lessence book brings together the essential elements of who you are. It’s not entirely a family history or a biography – rather, it’s an exploration of your most essential truths. A legacy book defines what your life stands for and what you have learned and value most in this lifetime. 

You can commission a Life Lessence book as a gift to yourself, or arrange one for your parents, family members or friends. The finished book can be kept private or shared as you wish. 

Through a process unique to Life Lessence, one of our writers will spend time interviewing and gathering information and photographs for your book. It will feature your life’s achievements, adventures and recollections. 

The finished product will ensure that your unique experiences and wisdom will endure and offer benefit to other generations to come.

Through a process unique to Life Lessence, one of our writers will spend time interviewing you and gathering information and photographs for your book. It will feature your life’s achievements, adventures, recollections and learnings.

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