My Life Story

Life Lessence Book FAQs

We have all lived meaningful lives which have provided unique wisdom worth sharing.

I want Life Lessence to write my life story – is the process complicated?

We make the process of recording your story incredibly simple

Our unique process is based on connection and sharing. By asking the right questions through an interview process, we can get straight to the heart of who you are and what you stand for. 

How do I get started with my Legacy Book?

After you make contact, I or someone from the Life Lessence team will arrange to meet with you – ideally in person.

If distance is an issue though, we can also arrange a Zoom meeting. 

During this meeting, the writing process, timeframe and cost can be explained in detail and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions before you commit to going ahead with your book.

Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to proceed, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to be completed on your own or during our first content session. We will then need two to three interviews to collect the information and photographs needed for your book.

Can I invite other people to our meetings?


It’s really important you feel comfortable throughout the legacy book process. Please invite any family or friends if they have questions or if you need extra support.

Do I need to pay a deposit?


After our initial meeting, we request a 50% deposit which will be accompanied by a contractual agreement. This ensures complete peace of mind for you, as well as the knowledge that all information disclosed during the process will be kept private and confidential. 

What happens to the information you get from our interviews?

Anything you disclose during the interviews will remain completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Once we’ve neared completion of the first draft of your book, we send it to you as a PDF file to review.  You can make any revisions you feel are necessary before it’s redrafted and reviewed again before being formatted into hardcover. 


Essentially, the final content of your book is up to you, so you can choose to include or omit any information you wish.

What kind of questions will you ask me during our interviews?

Some of the questions we focus on during our content sessions might be:

  • What was the most helpful advice you ever received?
  • What has love meant to you and how have you loved?
  • What does it mean to live well?
  • What changes in the world during your lifetime have affected you the most?
  • What advice would you like to pass on?
  • What is your greatest legacy?
What if I remember something I want in my book outside of our content sessions? Can I get in touch with you?

It’s very important to us that you are entirely happy with the final draft.

To ensure the final product is something you’ll be proud of, we are available to support you by answering questions or assisting you with selecting photographs. 

We can do this by phone, Zoom, via email, or in person if possible.

“How many copies of my legacy book are included?

Typically, you will receive three beautiful copies of your hardcover Legacy Book.

You can order more if you wish.

Commission your own legacy book or enrol in our Create Your Own Legacy Book workshop today.